Into The Unknown

Take me with you
I cant do this alone
So far from home
We could maybe pull through
so far away and alone
And then we can go, into the unknown

You need to know that i'm on my way back to you
I was on my own but ill be seeing you soon
We're in the fallout, so ill try finding my way
its getting dark now you know things wont be the same
~ New Arcades

Into The Unknown


Zelda Gacha: Body Holo, Boots Holo, Rifle RARE, Jacket Holo & Garters by Luas @ The Arcade *New* (Maitreya Sizing Only)
Tetsuo shine+tattoo 3D by This Is Wrong @ Man Cave *New*
Boston Pups by Foxwood @ Kustom9 *New*

Other Things:
Helmet: Personal Space v0.1 by Ananas @ The Cosmopolitan Room *New*
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Space Plushies - Panda 03 & Blue Penguin 06 by BONDI @ The Arcade *New*
Pose: Heaven 4 by Foxcity

It's Aliens - Mini UFO - Blue by MishMish
Going to The Hole *RARE* - SCI FI Backdrops - The Bearded GUY