Tokyo Gaijin circa 2056

“We have no idea, now, of who or what the inhabitants of our future might be. In that sense, we have no future. Not in the sense that our grandparents had a future, or thought they did. Fully imagined cultural futures were the luxury of another day, one in which 'now' was of some greater duration. For us, of course, things can change so abruptly, so violently, so profoundly, that futures like our grandparents' have insufficient 'now' to stand on. We have no future because our present is too volatile. ... We have only risk management. The spinning of the given moment's scenarios. Pattern recognition”― William Gibson, Pattern Recognition

Tokyo Gaijin Circa 2056


Featuring Enchantment, Cyber/Punk Fair 2 & The Engine Room!

Cyberpunk Fair 2 Event: *New*
Snack Bot by Junk Food (Dispenses burgers.  Bot attaches to hand or shoulder)
Cybernetic Implant Collar by Short Leash (RLV or No RLV)

Fylgjur - Kitsune Mask by Drunken Brokkr
Kitsune Tails Artifact Store [ Building ] & [Backdrop] by Bdrop
Spirit Fox - Yuki (Sitting) Animesh by Harshlands

The Engine Room Items: *Ends on May 20th!* New
Prototype - Chainsaw by [Val'More]
Ichbd Collar Dark by HUMAN GLICTH

Body: Legacy Perky by Meshbody
Survivor - Dirty Only by The White Crow
Open Hoodie & Top by Gabriel
Miranda Jeans by Vagrant
Pose: Isuka 1 by Ana Poses