Shadow Truths

The world of men is dreaming, it has gone mad in its sleep, and a snake is strangling it, but it can't wake up.
~D. H. Lawrence

Shadow Truths


We Love Role-Play Items: *New*
Belle Epoque - { Lana } Outfit & Headpiece
VENGE - BOM/Tattoo Layer - Damnation V8 & Damnation V6
Le Forme - Emmara (LELUTKA) Skin Sugar

THIS IS WRONG - Flamenco tattoo + 3D Shine COLOR BoM @ Access *New*
Pose: Oushk - Snake 1 - Black
Adoness : loki : hair base : red (tintable) (System Layer)

[BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.2.1)
Death Hawke w/ Sideburns (Specials) by Beusy (Discontinued Sorry!)