Murder Hornet

Freakish eyes and tiger stripes, 
So invasive,
Oh so eager for a killer time.
Don’t give chase to it,
The world-renowned honeybee hunter,
The source of terror and wonder.
Its red hot nail will torture and impale.

Murder hornet,
Anniihilating every living thing.
Murder hornet,
End your family line with just one little sting.
Murder hornet,
Decapitate, regurgitate us all,
No problem, no problem at all.

Murder Hornet


HoneyB Gacha by Deviousmind @ The Gacha Garden  *New*
(Will be in Mainstore June 1st)
!dM HoneyB - fishnetStockings **GRAPEFRUIT**
!dM HoneyB - Antenna **GRAPEFRUIT** (left)
!dM HoneyB - Antenna **GRAPEFRUIT** (right)
!dM HoneyB - HandBee GroupGift **GRAPEFRUIT**
!dM HoneyB - LARA LatexCuff **GRAPEFRUIT** (left)
!dM HoneyB - LARA LatexCuff **GRAPEFRUIT** (right)
!dM HoneyB - LARA LatexHeels **GRAPEFRUIT**
!dM HoneyB - LARA QueenBeeBun **ALL COLORS**
!dM HoneyB - LARA SatinBodice **RARE COLORS**
!dM HoneyB - QueenBeeWings **ALL COLORS**

Head: Classic W002 by Genus Project
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: BOM - KARMIN sand by 7 Deadly Skins
Hair: Snowdrift by Tableau Vivant 
(Discontinued?? but if you find it let me know because I want other colors!)
Pose: Made by myself