Drown out the machinery in my head
Bring your peace of mind to my bed
Without sleep there are no dreams
Without dreams, we fall apart at the seams

Kindred spirit of candle light
I won't sleep unless you
Sleep with me tonight
Deep with me tonight

And my thought to my saint
I'm so tired but I faint
~Conjure One

Welcome to Lunafae: where magic touches the mundane to make it grand.  During the day humans roam the town.  Enjoying the beauty of it's landscapes and the warm sunny skies.  They work, play and live just like we do except at sundown, almost like clockwork, they all retreat to their homes and head to bed.  The night seems almost still for some time.  Then a flickr of light . . . and then another.  Soon the gardens light up with the glowing, ethereal light that can only be produced by the faefolk.  They dance, sing, eat and drink the nights away enjoying life to the fullest and at dawn they disappear into the bushes, rocks, flowers and rivers.

One day a young girl, Lorelei, decided to try and see the faeries for herself.  Her friends and family told her she was mad.  The fae do not exist.  Lorelei know that they were wrong.  There was evidence all around them during the day if you looked in the gardens.  Lorelei decided that she was going to prove to them all that the fae do walk among them and it is the fae who put the humans under a sleep spell everyday at dusk.  

One night Lorelei decided to sneak and hide in the garden after dusk.  She told her parents that she was spending the night at her friends home so they would not suspect.  As the sun set in the sky Lorelei's eyes became heavy like they were filled with sand.  She fought to keep her eyes open but the spell was too strong.  In the night she heard them . . . voices and the sounds of fluttering wings.  She wanted to open her eyes and speak and say something but she couldnt.  She felt little hands touch her hair and dress.  She heard tiny laughter and whispers.  They are real she thought!  The faefolk are real!



Photo Taken at The Fantasy Faire: Lunafae

Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW*
The Lunafae Fairy Animesh NPC by Titans @ Lunafae
Giant Mushrooms by CloverLamented Fens 
Fiachra (Blue) Tattoo/Shine by Nefekalum Tattoos @ Lamented Fens 
Deirose's Choker by Trinity @ Melusina's Depths 

Head: Nova 1.2 by Lelutka
Body: Legacy Classic by MeshBody
Skin: Bella Skin Tone 004 by Glam Affair @ Kustom9 *New*
Hair: Entwined by Analog Dog
Pose: Sleeping Beauty 2A by Body Language

Fiora Gacha Outfit: Hairband, Arm Wrap, Fairy Dress, Leaf Bodice RARE, Leg Vines RARE & Wrist Wrap by Deviousmind @ The Epiphany *New*
Moelir Piercings: Center Lip Piercing, Snakebite Piercings & Inner Brow Piercing by Drunken Brokkr @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Faerie Maiden Gacha - Shoulder - Aquamarine & Companion - Amethyst by Hextraordinary