Can't Forget The Words She Said

Charles Graham Duke of Montrose . . . the name most of the nobility and commoners knew him by.  He had earned an interesting reputation amungst the people.  As a known scoundrel and hedonist, it was said that he passed his days in hiding and would gallivant in the evenings, attending large and dubious parties or even holding some of his own at his mansion.  While this was indeed true, he loved a good party, he was also known to be a womanizer.  The truth was he didn't discriminate between genders . . . he really didn't care much about any human he came across.  After a while they bored him and he would move on.  It is a common symptom of immortality.  

What many did not know is that Charles was not his real name.  And he couldn't care less if any of them liked him.  The rumors only amused him.  His real name was, and still is, Lazarus.  Only those close to him know of his true self.  His true self was not human for he had been turned into a vampire over a hundred years ago by some monster he can only describe as a soulless, decrepit being masked by darkness.  Or maybe that was his memory blocking certain, painful, things from his mind.  Lazarus needed the night to thrive.  He forced himself to go out in public during the daylight to keep suspicions at bay.  It weakened him, making him crave more blood and life force at night.  And he really did not want to attract unwanted attention.  All he needed was another aspiring Van Helsing coming after him again.

His boredom had deepened so much over the past decade.  That was until he made a chance encounter with Zenobia.  She was out all alone one evening walking down the dark cobblestone paths leading to . . . well he didn't even know.  He was too busy running away from the crazy human woman who though he was interested in her.  He should have been paying more attention but, alas, he ran into Zenobia, catching her with lightning speed in his arms before she crashed to the floor.  "Get your hands off me you jerk!" she yelled before he got a quick smack across the cheek.  "How dare you.  Get out of my way!"  Lazarus stood looming over her.  He knew she couldn't see him very clearly but he could see her.  She was quite pretty and above all  she was angry.  "What the hell are you doing just standing there.  Are you trying to rob me?" she rolled up her sleeves and put her arms up in a fighting position.  "Lets get this over with I don't have all day" she said as she lunged forward throwing a punch.  Lazarus simply stepped out of the way and laughed.  This was very unconventional.  What woman would attempt or even know how to fight?  Zenobia darted at him again.  With a laugh he grasped her fist and pushed her backwards to the floor.  "I have no time for this nonsense.  I like your energy Miss, but the night calls me for other activities."  And with that statement he disappeared.  Since that day he worked to find out more about the young woman who tried to fight him in a dark alley.  He felt drawn to that energy and needed more of it.  He soon learned her name was Zenobia and was the daughter of a well known business man.  He had discussed the possibility of an arranged "marriage" with Zenobias father.  

Today was the day for the meeting.  He watched her wander his garden.  Oh, the anger in her walk.  She did not want to marry him.  This made him even more interested.  No one has ever turned down his advances.

Photo done in collaboration with Synful Ghost! Read her story here:

Can't Forget The Words She Said


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Outfits: Duchess & Duke of Devonshire by Belle Epoque @ Sirens Lore
Hair: Sinai by Analog Dog @ Cassiopea
Forget-me-not necklace silver by Lassitude & Ennui @ Zodiac

Head: Daniel by Catwa
Skin: Dagger by Birth 
Hair: Iori by Argrace
Pose made by Synful Ghost

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