Sushi Takeout - Los Angeles, Circa 2049

"The street finds its own uses for things".
~William Gibson, Burning Chrome

Sushi Delivery - Los Angeles, Circa 2049


Head: Ivy by LAQ
Body: Legacy Perky by MeshBody
+ Devious Doll Pale Skin + by Aii
Face Tattoo: Fembot by LuluB!
Hair: Seh-Kel by .Shi
Tattoo: Tribu D'Art RARE 01 Oil Spill by Nefekalum Tattoos @ GachaLand *New*
Pose with Parasol: Blade by Poseidon @ Neo-Japan *New*

Daiki Outfit & Madness Headphone by Luas @ Neo-Japan *New*
Tris CyberBoots by Eudora3D *New*
G4-N7z Cyber Sword by UNGOD
Bastet Earrings by Random Matter @ Collabor88 *New*
Expression Bot by TeaBunny

Sushi of Edo 2050 Gacha: #11 DeliveryBox[NEO Ver.], #15BannerFlag[SUSHI], #14BannerFlag[INARI] & #19RARESUSHI Stall[NEO Ver.] by Marushan @ Neo-Japan *New*