Sleeping Field

The field is sleeping
And rooted to the ground
he is howling

Shivering will be stopped
Bodies will be saved in the field,
in the ground,
in the ground,

You must be reborn
and destroy

The enemy, destroys me
and bring me back again

Destroys, destroys, destroys...

Another round of We Love Role-Play is coming soon!  I am featuring some wonderful items from Aprils upcoming round.  One of my favorite items is by Rainbow Sundae.  She created Nymph baked on mesh overlays.  These come in 6 different colors but each will look different depending on the skin you are wearing underneath them!  If you wear a very pale skin you will get more of the original colors of the overlays and as you wear darker tones the overlays will change.  They will also change dramatically when worn over other fantasy skintones!  These only work on baked on mesh skins and not appliers!  I am also wearing a lost treasure I found in my inventory.  The gorgeous hair is by Aii and was released quite some time ago for Hair Fair.  It has beautiful baubles in floating curls.  Each bobble has goldfish in them.  It is super gorgeous and great for photos.  You can find all Aii's hair in the bottom floor of the store for really affordable prices.  

We Love Role-Play open April 4th.

Sleeping Gaia


Head: Classic Face W002 by Genus Project
Dryad Skin Overlays & Lashes by Rainbow Sundae @ We Love Role-Play *Coming Soon 4/4*
+ Bubbly Sea Nymph Hair + by Aii
Delicacy Shine + Tattoo 3D by This Is Wrong @ Vanity Event *New*
Liquid Nymph (Outfit) by Clover @ We Love Role-Play *Coming Soon 4/4*
Sweet Siren Scales by Sweet Thing
Pose: Sweet Madness - Irrational Longing (gacha) by Le Poppycock

Botan (Roses) by Air @ We Love Role-Play *Coming Soon 4/4*