Preen Your Wings

Nor elves, nor fays, nor magic charm,
Have pow'r, or will, to work us harm;
For those who dare the truth to tell,
Fays, elves, and fairies, wish them well.
~Maria Edgeworth, The Knapsack

During the day, the humans go about their merry way.  Completing their day as if it was any other day.  Living in the gardens that have always been oh so beautiful, fresh and clean all their lives.  Never once did the humans wonder who took care of the gardens.  Never once did the humans questions why, every morning, there were signs of activities that occur in the night.  Perhaps they were not very bright at all and, thus, could not notice the disturbances within the gardens.  or maybe, they have been put under a deep spell.  For at night, while the humans slept peacefully in their beds, the fae folk awaken and the true fun in the gardens begins!

Preen Your Wings


Fantasy Faire Items: ALL NEW

**Lunafae Set - Garden Path Edge 2, Garden Path Edge 1, FF Tree 1 & 2, Shrub 1 & 2, Wheelbarrow Lounger, Queen Anne's Lace Urn, Fence Double Posts/Single Post/No Post, Blessing Stone Moon and Stars, Bird Bath, Sleepy Fae Mushroom Circle Large & Arch by The Looking Glass @ Lunafae *New*

**Aerivalyn Skin (Femme):// Apollyon (With Ears) & Tsubome Staff RFL by Petrichor @ Siren's Lore *New*
**Anaia Mesh Hair - Solar Ombre RFL by Wasabi @ Zodiac *New*
**Dress of leaves "Alavara" by Antaya @ Elemaria * New* 
**Starlight Wings by Ambix @ Melusinas Depths *New*
**Ichie Head Accessory RFL by Air @ Lunafae *New* 
Deirose's Choker by Trinity @ Melusina's Depths *New* 

Other Objects:
Head: Strong Face W002 by Genus Project
Body: Legacy Perky by MeshBody
Material Shine - Base Oil Legacy by Bold & Beauty
Pose: Flight 7rev by Poseidon
Windswept Daisy Grass by LOVE
Broken Cobblestones by T-Spot