Dreams From The Zodiac

You follow along an old stone path that cuts through the gardens surrounding the city.  The cool air brushing against your face.  Your hands lightly push away any rough tree branches that come within your presence.  You know you are not supposed to be here but curiosity was filling you with so much anxiety.  You had to come out here.  Out to the gardens of the Zodiac, for today is the day of the 100 year eclipse and the best place to see it is from one of the lower balcony's of the city of Zodiac.  It is there that you can observe the shadows dance during the rare event.  You step through a large bush of flowers and end up at what could only be described as "the edge of the world".  It is not really the edge but it looks just like it.  From this view on the balcony you can see nothing in front of you except hundreds and thousands of miles of ocean and up above is the pristine mid-day sky.  If you look in the direction towards the city of Zodiac you face a massive array of man-made waterfalls, ships and brick buildings.  That direction is what you will watch during the eclipse.  

You feel the air thickening and the sky grow dark.  A strong wind picks up and causes your skin to reveal little goosebumps.  And then you see it!  The shadows dancing along the walls of the buildings.  "The eclipse has begun" you whispered to yourself.  Each of the shadows reflect off the rooftops, mast of the boats and bricks that make up the waterfalls and buildings.  You are mesmerized by the beauty and the feeling of complete stillness and calm.  

The wind picks up again only this time its much stronger, much colder . . . You hear a sigh behind you and turn to look and find a young woman lounging graceful on the balcony floor.  You notice she has dark pink skin with gold scales running down the length of her body.  You blink, confused as to what you are seeing.  She definitely wasn't there before and she is definitely not human.  A tiny giggle escapes her lips. "Don't you just wish these eclipses lasted longer?  I find them frightfully boring if you ask me."  "Who are you?" you ask her in curiosity.  "I am everyone and I am no one" she replied.  "Ask a better question.  You will get a better . . . more meaningful answer."  She pauses briefly glaring at you and barks "you should know this you are a resident here at Zodiac.  I think the question you should be asking me is 'What can you reveal to me about the past, present & future?'  Now that is more exciting!"

Dreams From The Zodiac

The Fantasy Faire is now open!  Come and join us in the Fairelands and start your own adventure.  or you can join in on any of the role-playing action, games, shopping, lit fest and much more!  Today's sim I will be featuring images from is the Zodiac sim!  It is absolutely lovely and a wonderful place to go and learn about the stars and planets above.  Come walk with us in the starry night as we reveal what fortune holds for us all.


Photo Taken on the Zodiac Sim @ The Fantasy Faire

Head: Strange Face W001 by Genus Project
Body: Legacy Perky by Meshbody
Jasmine Gacha Set: Skirt RARE, Chain Chest, Bracelets & Leglets by Dreamcatcher @ The Epiphany *New*
Hair: Asher by Homage
Raquel's Leather Collar by Kibitz
Pose: Kajira's Repose 1 by Picture This! (Store closed!)

Fantasy Faire Items: *NEW SHINIES*
Eir Amethyst Skin -BOM & Lumeria Tattoo by Ab.Fab @ Elemaria 
Ghost Gold (Material Tattoo) by Nefekalum Tattoos @ Lament of Fens 
Tamesis Headpiece by Acios @ Cassiopia