Desert Hunt (In Agra Adara)

And here is another not so greatly written story for a Fantasy Faire character I came up with.  My grammar sucks so sue me!  :P

After what seemed like years lost in the desert of  Drifts of Anamnesis our hero finally sees the glorious marble domes of Agra Adara.  A quick smirk crawls across her face as she ventures forward into the lush landscape, truly an oasis in the desert, and, the perfect place to complete her mission.  The Unweaver and her Shadow Master will be pleased once she is finished.

For too long she had been given assignments that were simple, too easy for an assassin of her caliber.  She was growing tired of the boredom of her missions and had even contemplated going rogue to make a living.  That was, until she was sent on a mission headed by one of her mentors, Alvan.  She had always trusted Alvan and, of course, the Unweaver.  She graciously took on her next and, unbeknownst to her, final mission.  Her task was to go to Agra Adara and "remove" a troublemaker to the organization.  A man that goes by the the orders code name "Astrolabe".  In Agra Adara, he goes by the new name 'Haasam'.  He is a traitor to the Unweaver and must be eliminated.  He uses many tricks, including magic to disguise his presence.  Do not be fooled by his games.  He was one of our best assassins and may be very difficult to eliminate which is why we are enlisting you for this task.  Here . . .take this" explained Alvan as he hands her a small bottle containing a grotesque severed eye.  She almost retched at the sight of it and could only image what it smelled like once opened.  "You must eat this once you arrive in Agra Adara.  With this, you will be unable to see his true form and overcome any tricks he may have.  Though I fear he may have become much stronger than ever and even this will not remove his spell."

Now she has finally arrived in Agra Adara and has found the location of "Haasam".  He was in the disguise of an old bearded man, hunched over a twisted cane.  She observed him from the rooftops, looking for an opening to make her move.  It looked like he was holding a meeting with almost 100 people.  She looked closer and noticed that these were not ordinary people, these were children!  The oldest looked to be maybe 17 or 18 and the youngest couldn't have been any more than 5 years old.  Her heart pounded.  Something did not feel right all of a sudden.  Maybe she should wait for a different moment to make her kill, she thought.  "No" she whispered to herself, "This could be a trick of magic.  That audience may not be children and it may not even exist at all!"  She took out the small jar with the eye, held her breath, and swallowed it whole not daring to even chew it.  She felt sick almost immediately with an intense headache building.  She squinted her eyes and looked again.  Indeed "Haasam" was using magic but not on the audience.  The audience was real, and, was indeed full of  children.  The illusion was "Haasam".  She could not believe her eyes.  He was nothing more than a child!  Perhaps, no older than 13.  She immediately felt sick again.  Did Alvan enlist children to work for the Unweaver?  She never questioned any actions taken, but this made your blood boil.  "Why am I feeling like this?  He is a traitor and must be eliminated."  

After "Haasam" finished his speech the audience split leaving him alone to return to a small office.  She was too curious about this situation now.  She could not believe that Alvan would ever use children and it must be another trick.  For a reason that was unknown to her, she could not bring herself to kill a child.  She followed one of the children from the audience into an alley, came up behind her and pulled out her curved dagger.  She grabbed the girl, put her hand over their mouth and held her dagger to their neck knowing that she could never actually hurt them.  "Do not move or scream" she whispered into the child's ear, " I do not want to harm you but if you even make a screech I will have no choice.  I need information.  What was that meeting about?"  The girl's arms went limp, she was no longer fighting.  "Revolution.  We seek revolution from the Unweaver" whispered the child in a monotone voice.  

Why? she thought to herself.  The Unweaver had freed her from slavery and sent her to be with Alvan at the order.  She was given food, a warm bed and a roof over her head.  The training was brutal but it became her home.  She let go of the girl.  The girl turned towards her.  "Go" ordered the girl.  "Haasam is waiting for you in his quarters.  He has been expecting you."  She backed away slowly starring at the girl.   Her eyes have completely clouded over.  They were being controlled.  Not knowing what to do next she decides to wait until another time to make her move.  "Maybe later tonight, while he sleeps.  But can I really bring myself to do this?" she wondered.  

Later on that evening, she lurked, quiet as a mouse, within the shadows of Haasams bed chambers.  He was asleep.  "Maybe this will be easier" she thought.  She pulls her dagger and gets ready to strike but stops midway.  She notices Haasams head turn towards her, eyes open wide and glistening.  "If you are going to kill me then do it now.  But if you choose to do this then you will never really know the truth" he said with great sorrow.  "Please listen to me.  Listen to my story for it is one very similar to yours.  You see, you were not much different than me once."  She sheathed her dagger and stepped out of the shadows.  "Okay . . . I am listening.  But don't think I wont kill you if I find out you are indeed tricking me with foul magic.  The unweaver does not deal with children.  Alvan has never recruited any that I have seen.  Convince me that this is not anything but a fowl magic trick."  

"Good," exclaimed "Haasam".  "My real name is indeed Haasam and Agra Adara is my original home.  I was taken . . . no kidnapped, from here by the Unweavers forces  6 years ago. They murdered so many here and took away my mother and my sister.  I remember the fire, the fear.  I cried out for my family and then . . .  there was nothing.  I woke up, just like you did, in a warm bed.  Alvans calm voice telling me about how I was saved from slavery.  My mind became foggy as he spoke.  Little did I know that my memory had been changed by his words.  For so long I believed I was a slave, freed by the Unweaver.  I, too, took on the training and hardship to become an assassin.  I improved rapidly with my skills.  No one as young as me had ever mastered the training.  They immediately began sending me out to complete the orders of the Unweaver.  But one day the truth came to me.  I was tasked to eliminate another traitor.  A typical and normal task only this time the person I was to eliminate was someone I knew I had seen before but was unsure of who they were.  I could not complete my task and was caught in my confusion.  I awoke in a prison cell looking up.  My eyes set upon a woman's face.  I knew her.  And it all came back to me .  .  . she was my mother."  Haasam had trailed off and looked toward the floor.  "You must question why you are here, you must look around you at the devastation that has been caused.  Your mind is erased and filled with new ones by Alvan.  This is why you do not remember your past.  You do not remember being a child do you?  You and I have both been used and now it is time for redemption.  Are you with me?"  She stared into Haasams' eyes and thought about yesterday, then the previous week, and the all the years that have gone by.  It was foggy, bringing on a massive headache even worse than the last.  There was almost nothing to remember except her kills.  She had done horrible things. She looked away with disgust then back into his sad eyes and realized that there was no magic in the air, no tricks and no lies.  This child was telling the truth.

Photo Taken on the Agra Adara Sim @ The Fantasy Faire

Desert Hunt (In Agra Adara)


Head: Strong Face W002 by Genus Project
Skin: Aiden in Honey Tone by Bold & Beauty
Soul Eyes by LuluB! @ The Fantasy Faire: Sirens Lore *New*
Vapor Lipstick by La Malvada Mujer
Mariposa Hair by Tableau Vivant
Pose: 2B Sword Girl 14 by Poseidon

Heilung Set (Armor) by Scarlet Fey @ The Fantasy Faire Heliodor *New*
(Maitreya only!  But I got it to fit on the Legacy Perky!)
Chained Visions Tail by Ambix @ The Fantasy Faire: Melusina's Depths*New*
Violent Rose (Dagger) by Deadly Nightshade