Day to Pray

Day to pray,
pray and try
not to retain
the impossible pride.

Pay-off day,
now comes the time
to drive away
the dark shadows (from) inside.

Day to pray,
pray and try
not to restrain
the tears in my eyes.

Birds of prey
above desert sky,
come tear away
my spirit tonight.

Stray in vain,
They stray in vain…
Stray in vain,
They stray in vain…
Pray in pain,
I pray in pain…
Burning flame
In my inner fane…

As far back as time, Elemaria has been
For it was formed by the elements in equal measure. Water, air, earth, and fire. Each element gave the best part of itself to create a place of nature, harmony, and peace. Humankind eventually settled there and built a peaceful village, and a shining castle for their beloved king and queen. They tended the land with care and devotion. But the elements felt something was missing, and so decided to bestow upon them, a fifth element. The element of spirit. This force breathed creative energy into all things. Elemaria is a realm of light, love, and the healing power of creativity.

Today our hero comes to pray to the elements and to thank the element of Spirit for all the spoils from battle she has won and all the lives she was able to save.

Day To Pray - Elemaria


Photo taken on the Elemaria sim @ The Fantasy Faire

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