Auxentios’ Pass: A Modern Marvel

Auxentios’ Pass by Faust Steamer (Contraption).
The icebound town of Auxentios’ Pass is influenced by a plethora of wealth their land has given them, which granted them the ability to embellish their buildings and increase basic comfort on the streets against subzero climate. The heart of the pass bears a mine that drew all leading minds of industry across the continent to set their eyes upon, and turned this town of hardship into a trophy of humankind’s strength above all. This wintery steampunk town is both designed around survival and its people’s triumph over the burdens of this unforgiving pass.

And now for some more terrible writing by ME!  I am oh so good at not being so good.  :P

Another day goes on by, another experiment gone wrong. . . 

We were created here, in Auxentios' Pass, as tools for entertainment.  After-all, not much really does happen in an arctic city.  But this arctic city is special.  It contains the most genius, most spectacular and most resilient of people.  From humans, to elves, dwarves and even mages.  They all come here to learn how to evolve.  To learn to use technology and take it to the next level.  Some have smaller aspirations to just settle in Auxentios' Pass.  Others want to rule the world or maybe improve the world but with their genius as the gold standard.  A kind of future mad scientist.  Others come here to attempt the impossible: Combine magic with technology and create a balance within the Aether.  These scientists who reside here have also created a wonderful tourist attraction.  One that uses life-like robots to create a vivid and ever changing story.  It attracts all sorts from all over the globe to come here, spend their riches and leave spreading the word that Auxentios' Pass is the place to getaway and enjoy life anew.

Here in Auxentios' Pass there are a few "mad scientists" and each has mastered their own specialty in ways that no one else in the world has ever done.  The first, is a master of robotics.  His creations walk the streets, assisting those who are tasked with keeping law and order.  The are massive, intimidating and get the job done.  As great and efficient as this sounds it leads many to question whether a "mad scientist" should be able to contribute, and perhaps, even dictate what actions are considered lawful or unlawful.  His greatest work is the massive drill above our mine.  The second "mad scientist" is one who has mastered the unimaginable task of alchemy.  YES!  This woman can not only turn any metal, rock or stone into gold but she can also wield magic into cogs and screws.  She can even infuse magic into automatons though her ability to create such mechanisms is sparse and rudimentary at best.  She relies heavily on the other two "scientists" for her work.

The third, and most important "mad scientist" has mastered the art of sculpting.  Now you must be thinking "Why on earth would sculpting be an important task?"  Well . . . A skilled sculptor can create the most realistic statues.  He can make them out of almost anything, from metal to stone and clay.  This last scientist has created something that is unique to Auxentios' Pass.  He has created automatons that look real.  His "little dolls" he calls them.  They move like real people, feel real, bleed real and think like people.  Maybe a little too much like people.  See, this scientist can not only mold the body, but he can mold a mind.  He can mimic and mold movements, actions and reactions which allow the creation that, underneath is just gears, sprockets, metal, clay and polymers, to fool even the most observant eye into thinking they are indeed human.   This last creation is what I am.  I am one of these creations though I am not supposed to know it.  I keep my knowledge hidden and play the role-play game which occurs here in Auxentios' Pass.  I am a doll infused with magic.  I dream of being within the aether each night and avoid reset when the time comes.  Maybe I was cursed by the one who infused me with magic or maybe there is a bug in my system.  I wish to learn the answer to these questions and more.  This is my journey . . . this is my destiny.

A Bug in The System


Photos taken at Auxentios' Pass @ The Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire Goods: *New*
Victorian Lady Purple (Dress) by c*C*c (Maitreya & Legacy) @ Auxentios' Pass
Annihilator Arm Battle Axe by Butanik83 (Unrigged) Auxentios' Pass
Cracked Reality Tattoo by Germinal (BOM Layers) Auxentios' Pass

The Engine Room Items: *New*
Luxe Hair by Raven Bell
Steam Diva: Gloves & Hat by Silvery K

Head: Noelle by LAQ
Noldor Elf Ears by Swallow
Ursa - T7 (BOM + Omega) by Nebula (I am wearing the BOM layer with my LAQ)
Putrid Eyebags by VileCult
Pose with Pipe: Smoking Pipe 02 by Amitie