If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.     

Skin Fair preview time!!!  I am featuring a new BOM skin & add-on set by Adam n Eve, [ae] for short, called Zara.  It comes in 6 skin tones and is made to fit sl mapping.  It can fit very well on most heads but it depends on your shape too.  I loved how it looked on my LAQ Neve so I thought I would showcase the skin on it since not much is made for LAQ sadly.  Hopefully BOM will change that as I know many own these heads.  They range from adorable to sexy and mature in style.  I cannot wait until BOM updates for them!  Adam & Eve have 3 new skin sets, but I loved Zara the most and wanted to feature it.  Each skin is browless with BOM add-on brows in various colors from blonde to black.  Not only does it come as a BOM skin  but there are additional add-ons like freckles, lip stains, eyeliner, eye shadow, cleavage, moles, etc.  It is all BOM and all layerable.  This is why I love Bakes on Mesh and find it so limiting to go back to appliers (except for my beloved materials).  You can have so many layers on with no glitches while appliers you can only wear so many before glitching occurs.  I am also featuring Rekt Royalty's Cheeky carvings pack 2 and in the main picture my avi wearing their Gungnir carving/scar on the chest.  The "bindi" is Third Eye by Moonphase.  Both of these releases have BOM options too which is why I am able to wear about 6 layers with each shot just on the face!


Skin Fair Items: *NEW*
Zara Skin Set by Adam n Eve
-Tones 0-E BOM and not made for just one type of head but made to fit most heads.  
-Comes with a variety of BOM add-ons like freckles, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip tints, moles, cleavage & Eyebrows.
Third Eye by Moonphase
Gungnir Scars & Cheeky Carving Pack 2 (zZz in main pic and rest on the blog) by Rekt Royalty

Head: Neve by LAQ
Noldor Elf Ears by Swallow
Brows: Minima Brows (Genus/BOM) by Immortuos
Hair: Allison by Tableau Vivant @ Kustom9 *New*
The Rock shine+tattoo 3D by This Is Wrong @ Man Cave *New*
Finger Monkey by Hextraordinary @ Hullabazoo *New*
Crystal Collar *Mainstore* & Mya Bodysuit by AsteroidBox @ Whore Couture Fair *New*
Pose: Leaning by Diversion @ The Pose Fair *New*