Scanline Memories

When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror.
~Deus Ex

Today is another double whammy of events!  First, The Skin Fair is now underway and I have more lovely items to preview for you.  This Skin Fair post is also a double whammy because I am covering a new Variety skin line and a new set of materials 3D makeups!  I am also wearing a couple other lovely items from Skin Fair.  The skin line covered is called Variety and is by Stargazer Creations.  Her skins are all BOM and Legacy body friendly!  Yes, it even fits the Perky body.  All three skins are androgynous which means they can be worn on both male and female avatars.  A boy chest layer is included if you need one to wear on a female body.  There are very few fantasy skins at this years fair so I really wanted to show these off.  They are simply stunning.  I am also previewing the lovely 3D makeups by This is Wrong.  Yes, I said 3D makeup!  Thsi time we have eyebrows (shown on all 4 of the previews), scars, splatter, cream makeup and fantasy style makeup.  There is a BOM layer to wear but it looks 3D when you wear the accompanying applier instead.  All heads are able to use these makeups.

Are you wondering what head I am wearing?  Already ahead of you!  I am in the new Strange Face W001 by Genus Project.  This is another release at the Skin Fair.  This head is one of my favorites of the new releases.  It has a very unique and cute look.  The animations for Genus heads have been updated and there is now a BOM button on the HUD.  I am also in some Cyber Fair gear.  The fair is still going strong so do not forget to check it out!

This is Wrong Velour Eyebrows worn with all.

This is Wrong Velour Eyebrows worn with all.


Skin Fair Items: *NEW*
Strange Face W001 by Genus Project
Variety Skin Set BOM - 2020 Peach Tone, Asterodea Nightsky & Florentine Leaf by Stargazer Creations - Mainstore
Fantasia Makeup (Main Image), Detox Makeup, Scar Makeup, Face Cream Makeup & Velour Eyebrows by This is Wrong -Mainstore
*GIFT* for CATWA,GENUS & LELUTKA HEADS - Button Nose by Deetalez (Free Gift!)
Monarch Lashes by Immortus

Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*
Cyborg Eyes by S0ng
Cybernetic Hair by Olive 
Phex Cyber Top & Shorts by A&Y
Cluster w/ Animations by Dreamcatcher
Pose and Bike: Debora by STUN

Minima Brows BOM by Immortuos
Basic Hairbase - set 16 by Just Magnetized
Legacy Perky by MeshBody *New*

Hair in Skin Shots: Jordan by Besom *New*