Lady of The Forest

Slither, whisper
Sneak, speak

Twist, curl
Wind, creep

Slither, absolve
Sneak, slit
~Slincan Snican, Sowulo

Today I introduce you all to my new pet.  He is very friendly as long as you are friendly back.  If you are a bad person then he surely will eat you . . . His name is Wyrm and he is part of the Soilfiend family.  He is a wonderful pet.  He follows me on command, guards my land without falling off my sky platform and he does not get stuck in obstacles.  He is very good at detecting his surroundings.  And if I feel playful I can wear and ride him.  Up to two additional avatars can ride him with me!  We even go into battle together as he is my great protector!  You can all find this awesome animesh pet by Clover at Hullabazoo.

We Love Role-Play Items: *New*
Magic Bleed by Nefekalum Tattoo (BOM & Materials)
Lady of the Forest Set (Outfit w/ Poleaxe) by Art & KO

Head: Strong Face W002 by Genus Project @ Skin Fair *New*
Skin: Gwenyth in Taupe by 7 Deadly Skin @ Skin Fair *New*
Pose: 2B Sword Girl 7 by Poseidon

Soilfiend by Clover @ Hullabazoo *New*