Grid Dreamer

Acceptance. Acceptance of the impermanence of being. And acceptance of the imperfect nature of being, or possibly the perfect nature of being, depending on how one looks at it. Acceptance that this is not a rehearsal. That this is it.
~William Gibson


On Me:
Megan Hair by Eternity *New*
Stretched Ears Season 2 Elf by Mandala
Gynoid/Android Tattoo Layers BOM/System by Jeanette's Joint 

Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*
Sintara Gacha Set (Legacy Size): Bodysuit RARE,Cyber Arms Ultrarare, Horns, Glasses, Cyber Legs Ultrarare and Spinal Implant by Antaya
Cyber Snitch & Neuro Brain Link by Creatica
solares >> SN-4CK Pack - Kitty [Rare] by Solares
Cyber Sweets by Andika
Cyber Pod Unit . Blue Neon & Orange Neon by Kraftwork

Pose: Sunshine 4 by Diversion

PSN 7100 Portable Holocomputer v1.0 by PsiNanna, Inc.