Five Years

Pushing through the market square,
So many mothers sighing
News had just come over,
We had five years left to cry in

News guy wept and told us,
Earth was really dying
Cried so much his face was wet,
Then I knew he was not lying
~David Bowie

So this is one of those images that just came to me while I was messing around in SL.  It means a lot of things but mostly its the vulnerability we are faced with and trying to half ass protect ourselves which is not enough.  The lack of clothes is for vulnerability as we all feel this way when we remove our garments.  The Tattoos represent the rebellion but also the strength within us.  The hula hoop represents those of us in the world going on as normal as if nothing is going on right now . . . when people are dying all around us.  It also represents the selfishness in some which is almost child-like.  The people who hoard the devices our medical system needs for survival.  To the government that refuses to produce more to save lives.  Remember WWII and what they did to survive.  We should take lessons from our ancestors and elders. 
Despite this my avi wears a mask,  the bare minimum to protect themselves even though masks don't really help prevent what is in the air from going in to your body. The mask is the lie.  You choose whether to believe the lies or not.  Do you really think a  government who wouldn't release our leaders tax returns because they are secret will really tell us the truth?  That is up to you.  We make our choices.  The burn marks represent the hurt you will inevitably feel whether its yourself or the harm you bring others with ignorance.  It is subtle but can spread.  The containment sign is where those are kept and not shown to us.  The reality.  We choose to lock it away.  The spine tattoo represents the future.  It looks like an android spine and it is.  Is this what the future holds?  But also, hope that we will have a future that is much different than today.  Perhaps a better future.  Those of us under the age of 45-50, the "youth" of the world, are the voices that need to speak and after this we will not be ignored.  The earth signaled it's cry and anger towards us and now we will scream our anger back to those that ignored it for so long and did nothing except make a society that is against our best interests.  The future will be bright.  

Those of us smart enough (stay home unless needed), brave enough (those who work in healthcare and city municipalities) and those who fight against oppression will win in the end!  There is hope <3


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Ash Tattoo by Endless Pain Tattoos
Insomnia Eye Makeup by Psycho Barbie
Shine Bento Nails by Witchcraft

Roxy Hair by Eternity *New*
Body: Legacy Perky by MeshBody
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