As The World Falls Apart Around Me

Walking north I can hide for a season
Are you here in the dark with me?
With your voice in the stars
I hear you crying

In summer I drowned you
In winter I found you
As the world falls apart around me
The serpent is dreaming
I don't know this feeling
As we break through the other side
~The Birthday Massacre, The Other Side

As The World Falls Apart Around Me


Chloroform corner - boudoir sconce by Peculiar Things

Head: Strong Face W002 by Genus Project @ The Skin Fair *New*
Harley Eyes & Harley Lipgloss A by -bus- *New*
Skin: Oni Oni Frankenstein Genus by Pity Party
Genus Butterfly Effect lashes by Shiny Stuffs *New*
Insomnia Eye Makeup BOM by Psycho Barbie @ The Skin Fair *New*
Love Blush by Unstable @ The Skin Fair *New*
Birthmarks by Curvosity *New*

Hair: Jordan by Besom
Joice Dress & Straps by Una *Coming Soon to Neo Japan 3/28*
(Maitreya, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Alice, Isis & Freya)
Little Devil Wings by Triggered
Pose: Power 5 by Foxcity

Artemis Panel Wall Full - Black by LISP