I am Shell & I am Bone

Made of iron made of stone
I am shell and I am bone
Teach the Mother's skull away
I'll tell them now
I'll tell you all.

We have no tongue
We have no choice
Now I don't care
What He said was 'light', no.
~ Gazelle Twin


Head: Baby Face by Genus Project
Skin is discontinued and store is closed which is why I am not crediting it other than to say its by alterego.  Sorry.  Its 3 years old and you wont find it!
Synthetic Eyes by -bus-
Metamorphose2077 / RARE2.01 / MAITREYA / LOOTBOX: Droid Jaw by AntiNatural
Kaslan shine+tattoo by This is Wrong @ Sanarae *New*
Hair: Labyrinth by Vanity Hair
Pose: 2b Sword Girl 17 by Poseidon


Danielle Outfit by Pure Poison @ Kustom9 *New*
Plasmoid Katana by The Forge
(sick girl2 / FEMALE) Bento Prosthetic Hands by Katat0nik
Body Wires by Normandy
SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arm by Contraption
TIME RIFTER Head Gear (Black), 2 ULTRARARE, Nose-Pad, Backpack & Armtech by SOLE