Wind-Up Doll

“A dolls ability to uplift the human spirit can be immeasurable.”
― Gayle Wray

Wind-Up Doll


Head & Body:
Head: Baby Face by The Genus Project
Body: Legacy by MeshBody
Skin: Asia in Coconut by 7 Deadly Skins
Expressive Elf Ears v1.0 by LOGO
Eyes: Ciel Pack 3 by -bus- *New*
Hair: Kitten by Truth *New*

Ball-Jointed Doll: BOM Layers, Shine + Blush by Sweet Thing @ Equal10 *New*  
Set comes with so many options!  Including appliers for Legacy, Maitreya & Omega.  BOM layers are also included and it is what I am wearing since the layering options are amazing with BOM.  You can mix and match colors of BJD tattoos for various colors and combinations.  I will definitely be using this set more in the future <3

Pose: F*ck The Mainstream 07 by Bauhaus Movement
Expression using Vista Animations Bento HUD

Clothing and Accessories:
Clockwork Doll Set (Gacha): Wind-up Key, Panties, Garter, Collar, Corset & Brassiere by Sweet Thing
Harper Boots (Maitreya Only) by Eudora3D @ FaMeshed *New*
Confetti (Color Mix) by Persefona @ Cosmopolitanism Room *New*