Reasoning lets go
And I am propelled in to you
My skin widening
To your angelic arms
Leaving this weight behind
My spine becomes light

Clean my senses
So that I can hear you

― Anilah

A new round of We Love Role-Play opens today at 3pm! There will be some 50L gifts too! I am previewing some awesome items from this round.  I hope you like them <3



Head: Classic Face by Genus Project
Body: Legacy by MeshBody
Tattoo: Runic Strength by Rekt Royalty *Coming Soon to WLRP* NEW
Frost Bite Eyes by Unstable
Hair: Lira by Fabia
Pose: Swords Warrior Pose - Swords 13 by Aeon

Warlike Lady (Outfit & Sword) by Art&KO *Coming Soon to WLRP* NEW

Willow Foliage by 3rd Eye *Coming Soon to WLRP* NEW