#notgivingaf Xmas

“Christmas isn’t a mere 24-hour (or 72, allowing for the 24th and 26th) cycle anymore. The fact is that the lifespan of each separate Christmas lasts nigh on a year. If December is host to the event itself, January and February are spent in financial desolation, June, July and August in preparation and September, October and November in excited anticipation, then March, April and May are pretty much the only moments in which we’re Crimbo-free. And even then the battle scars of yet another December 25 can be seen in the clearance sales, extraneous bathroom products and lights that haven’t yet been taken down.”
― Anon

So first off, I have to say that my favorite Christmas items ever in SL are made by DRD.  
Its an older set but will never ever go out of style. EVER! It is the #notgiveinaf Xmas set.  It is only sold inworld at Christmas time and can be found on the marketplace all year.  It represents how I usually feel about Christmas in a nutshell!  I use it every year in my photos since I purchased it back in 2016.  
This is my annual Not Giving AF about Xmas photo featuring DRD!  This scene also contains their build for Uber called The Last Christmas Shop.  It comes with a regular and snowy version plus additional snow you can place on the non-snowy version.  All sorts of lovely decor comes with this fine set.  Its dark, dank and totally how I feel about Xmas all put into the size of a Christmas shop.  The beer/soda can wreath is probably one of my favorites in the set and should be a staple in any Scrooges Xmas decor this year in SL.  Enjoy!


The Last Christmas Shop Set: Building - Snowy, Building, Can Wreath - Red, Old Ornaments, Tree In A Box & Old Sled @ Uber *NEW*
The Stranded Pack Rat - Frozen *Mainstore*
#notgivingaf xmas collection: YeahBaby, #WHATEVER, FUCK IT & #notgivingaf  *Mainstore* Seasonal Item!

Head: Classic Face by Genus Project
Skin: Hanna Applier 009 by Glam Affair @ Uber *New*
Hair/Hat: Fawn by Doe @ The Arcade *New*
BlouseKinky by Una @ Kinky Event *New*
Anika Boots by AsteroidBox @ Tannenbaum *New*
Snowflake Pasties by Unstable

Pose w/ Bench: Cold Days by Diversion @ Belle *New*

Winter's Love Frost Flowers by The Looking Glass *New*