"My people, the Twi'leks, have an ancient and rich history of non-violence. We prefer intellect and cleverness to outright brutality."
―Tott Doneeta 

This was probably one of my harder images to create.  One reason is because I have fallen out of love with Star Wars ever since The Last Jedi and the second reason is because it is so hard to find anything inspired by Star Wars because you cannot use the trademarked names in SL and sell the product.  All items inspired by you have to really really reeeeeaaaallllyyy spend time finding.  I eventually found things in my inventory and put this one together.  I love Twi'ileks and do love how this image came out.  I felt inspired by The Forge's new gacha outfit at The Epiphany.  It comes with a saber that works as a RP weapon too!  He also made another outfit for Uber that totally fit my favorite Star Wars character ever: Ashoka Tano!  That is my next project coming soon <3


Head: Classic Face by Genus Project
Body: Legacy by MeshBody
Elvenne Skin (Femme):// Tigerlilra by Plastik
Head Tails Omega Set (Mainstore), Aleshla Face Tattoo - Bone Appliers (Mainstore & MP) & Historia Body Shine (@ We Love Role-Play *New*) by Stargazer Creations 
Pose: StarPose SI Jaina by Poseidon

Jada Gacha Outfit: Power Saber RARE, Boots, Brown, Bra Beige, Chest Harness Brown,Jacket Brown, Pants Beige and Waist Harness Brown by The Forge @ The Epiphany *New*