They were beautiful beyond words, beautiful beyond understanding. So beautiful, I wanted to tear out my heart and hand it over, because after seeing them, I surely wouldn't have any more use for it.
― Sarah Zettel



Head: Classic Face by Genus Project
Body: Legacy by MeshBody
RARE 1 ---Katie Skin Set --- January / March by Pumec
Medea Eyes by -bus-
Snowflake shine+tattoo by This Is Wrong @ Winter Spirit *New*
Hair Stella by Sintiklia @ Collabor88 *New*
Pose: Sitting 3 by Bounce This Poses (Store is Closed)

Forest nymph cover (winter) by Clover @ We Love Role-Play *New* (Maitreya Only!)
Fae Wings (Bento & Animesh included) by Aii 
Smilax china head dress by Naminoke @ We Love Role-Play *New*
Luna Empress Circlet by VENGE @ We Love Role-Play *New*

Fox Hollow Tree & Fox Snow, Sleepy Fox Snow & Squash by Foxwood @ Collabor88 *New*