Come Get Closer

Winter flows right through my bones
I've traveled through so many homes
Embrace me hold it little flame
Our lives will never be the same

Pick me up and draw me near
Is it safe to lie down here?
Hear my magic thunder roar
Come get closer give me more

Surely you'll get closer if you dare
Flower arches, gardens made of stone
Hold me like your heart inside your chest
And let me rest within your palms
― Helisir, Spell

New bento magical orbs from Aii!!  These have a more steampunk feel to them and you can now weild not 1 but 2 orbs!!  Theya re compatible with many AO's and just look stunning.  Especially in darker lights with advanced lighting turned off of course.  These are great for fun or even role-play.  Enjoy them!


Head: Simone by Lelutka
Body: Legacy by MeshBody
Skin: Nanako #1 112 by Mudskin
Crystal Eyes by Rainbow Sundae @ We Love Role-Play *New*
Jamie Tattoo by Juna @ We Love Role-Play *New*
Hair: Ophelia by Truth
Fear Shine Ultra Rare by This is Wrong
Pose: Cassandra 4 by Imitation (Inworld store closed)

Temptress Harness & Silks - Holiday Plaid by 1313 Mockingbird Lane *For 2019 Advent Calendar Days 22-24*
Dual Magical Orbs (Comes with animations for single and double hands) by Aii *New*
Accessories: Crystal: Harluth & Holiday Drape by ImmersionWe Love Role-Play *New*