The Crawling Chaos

Evil be performed in thy name.
Stalker of the stars,
Bringer of death to all!
Tear down
This feeble universe!
Black pharaoh
Reveal to us thy dreaded mysteries!

Sweet poison divine.
Evil incarnate.

Madness lurks
Behind thine faceless void.
Eldritch whistling…
~Sulphur Aeon, The Summoning of Nyarlathotep

The Crawling Chaos


Featuring new stuff from Death Row Designs!
Deadmore Mortuary - Building,  Coffin Display - G, Coffin Display - C, Service Pamphlets - D @ Uber *New*
Grimy Cobblestone Streets (includes the Lamps & Drains) @ Eclipse *New*
Funeral Carriage @ Mainstore

Head: Korina by Lelutka
Skin: Wen  [Lelutka] Vanilla by Raonhausen
Arcadia Eyes Black by -bus- *New*
Hair: Willa by Exile @ Belle *New*
Victorian bowler hat by Antaya @ We Love Role-Play *New*
{ Undimmed Eyes } T-shirt Coffee, Pants Coffee by Belle Epoque
Slick Tentacles (Classic) by //Naberius//
Cigarette by Kunst
Pose: Wicked Innocence 4 by Diversion @ Belle *New*