Data Evolution

Enterprise assassin
Corporate mercenary
Affiliated killer
Murderer for hire

The means seem justified
Branded you toe the line
All contracts signed with lead
big picture, bleeding edge
~Irving Force

This post is featuring a new release by Deadly Nightshade called Data Evolution Effect HUD.  Combat options are also available.  This HUD can be found at their mainstore.  Here is more info:

Effect Selection

These are attachment based effects to enhance your avatar.
*Note: The effects temp attach when selected, please give perms when requested or you'll have to rez them again.
**Rez rights required to attach these effects. 


Color Selection

All abilities in this hud have color changing aspects controled by your selection here. 
*You can change the color of most worn effects while attached*


Head & Body:
Head: Classic Face by The Genus Project
Skin: Edyta Applier Tone 006 by Glam Affair @ Anthem *New*
Punky Shadows by POUT!
Sci-Fi Eyes **PACK 1** by -bus- (includes rotating animations & static!)
Hair Runa by Kokolores @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Body Shine Materials Binary by Stargazer Creations @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Pose: Lady D 3 by Poseidon

Oni Ninja Gacha Outfit: Bodysuit RARE, Glaive RARE & Mask RARE by The Forge @ The Arcade *New*
Alyriia Halo / Silver by Bauhaus Movement
Data Evolution Effects Hud by Deadly Nightshade *New*