Eats, Shoots & Leaves

“A panda walks into a cafe. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun and fires two shots in the air.

"Why?" asks the confused waiter, as the panda makes towards the exit. The panda produces a badly punctuated wildlife annual and tosses it over his shoulder.

"I'm a panda," he says, at the door. "Look it up."

The waiter turns to the relevant entry and, sure enough, finds an explanation.

Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

― Lynne Truss

Eats, Shoots & Leaves


Head & Body:
Head: Classic Face by The Genus Project
Hair: Audrey by Exile @ The Hair Fair 2019 *New*
Elara Eyes, Lipstick & Eyeshadow by -bus- *New*
Pose w/ guns: Twin Pistols F6 by Poseidon

Outfit & Accessories:
Tethys Set by AsteroidBox @ Kustom9 *New*
Regret: Cross, Piercing & Tears by The White Crow @ Man Cave *New*

Panda Daycare: Athlete & Acrobat by KITE