To Nowhere In Particular

“Not aimless. Not in the least. It’s just that my aims are different from most. There are plenty of aimless people on the road, all right. People who hitchhike from kicks to kicks, restlessly, searching for something: looking for America, as Jack Kerouac put it, or looking for themselves, or looking for some relation between America and themselves. But I’m not looking for anything. I’ve found something.” “What is it that you’ve found?” “Hitchhiking.”
-Tom Robbins

The time has come for another HUNT at Death Row Designs. The Hitchhikers Hunt goes from July 6th through July 31st.  Come and find all the things you need to hit the road and go on a hitchhiking adventure!

To Nowhere in Particular


Head & Skin:
Head: Baby Face by The Genus Project
Hairbase: Shae Base Art by Besom
Marsena Eyes by -bus-
Skin: Bianca in Sugar by Le Forme @ Salon52 *New*
Stephanie Hair V2 by Doe @ Lootbox *New*
Asshole Scars & Glasses by The White Crow
Pose: Bento arms come with DRD items

Clothing & Other Accessories:
Lily Romper by Aleutia @ Collabor88 *New*
The Hitchhikers Hunt Items: Killers Sign, Blue Finger, Hat, Walking Stick, Sandals, Concert Tickets & Particular Sign by Death Row Designs *New*

Decor & Furnishings:
Lady peculiar Luggage Stack - tropical by Peculiar Things
Trailer Park Gacha Set: Truck Pool, Vacancy Sign, Junk Pile Large, Large Trailer - RARE & Awning by Death Row Designs
Highland Cattle Collection by Jian
The Shrine Tree Grass Clumps by The Looking Glass