The Negaverse (The Dark Kingdom)

"The light calls to the darkness and the darkness calls to the light."
~Queen Neherenia, Sailor Moon SuperS Manga

Egosumaii has released one of the coolest bento items I have seen in SL!  They are Censor Orbs and they have amazing animations and lighting.  See my video below to see the orbs in action.  There are 3 types of orbs to choose and each color has different fog/smoke effect.  They also work great with my AO's too.  I tested with my personal AO and one from Voir.  Check these orbs out at The Crystal Heart Festival, open now!

The Negaverse (The Dark Kingdom)


Head: Baby Face by The Genus Project
Skin: Polly Skin 03 Tone 002 by Glam Affair
Darkest Fears Eyes Summoning by -bus-
Scales Material Shine by This Is Wrong @ Eclipse *New*
Thaumiel Collar / XENO SET / OMEGA (v.1) by Cureless (Group Gift!)

Asany Body Suit by Stargazer Creations @ Sanarae *New*

Skrida Dimple Piercings by Drunken Brokkr @ Underdog Event *New*
Prevailing Thorns Head & Body by Aii *New*
Orb Censors by Egosumaii @ The Crystal Heart Festival *New*
Vaena Angel Light: Bauble Halo Back & Staff Normal by Plastik @ The Crystal Heart Festival *New*

Draglette - blush & Midnight by Foxwood @ Madpea Pet Friends Fair *New*

Pose: BackShot!! Group B by Body Language