Dirty Susan

Susan oh Susan, your clothes are all ruined, 
sullied and soiled from the things you been doing 
they'll find you down where the poison is pooling 
the rumor is she drowned but they're really not fooling 
anybody anyway we're all familiar with her ways 
she simply outstayed her welcome billowing volumes 
of thick black smoke enough to make old scratch choke 
she's gone but not forgotten the crimes so true and rotten 
~The Peculiar Pretzelman

Steamtrunk Vol.1 crash lands tomorrow, August 1st!  This awesome mystery box contains some steampunk themed creations form 6 designers: Hilted, Contraption, Eudora3D, Astara, Space Oddities and Inner Demons.  I am featuring Hilted, Eudora3D and Astara today.  Place your order before midnight to get his box for 1000L!  After midnight the box will be 1500L.  The boxes will no longer be for sale after 3 months so grab your box before they are gone for good!  Enjoy this post!

Dirty Susan


Head: Classic Face by The Genus Project
RARE  2  ---ZARA SKIN SET --- APRIL / MAY by Pumec @ The Epiphany *New*
In Love Eyes by -bus-
The Abigail Hair by Olive *New*
Pose (Slightly modified with Animare): Hot Nights by Foxcity

Second Life Syndicate SteamTrunk Vol.1 Items: *NEW*
Morgan Boots by Eudora3D
Mad Scientist Accessories: Goggles & Armband by Astara
Little Rust Rucket Sitting Decor & Floaty Flying Version by HILTED

Steampunk Clock Corset, Pants & Tool Belt by Goth1c0 @ We Love Role-Play
Steam Commander Right Gun Gold by Luas

Aluna Collar by AsteroidBox