"Just as a chemist "isolates" a substance from contaminations that distort his view of its nature and effects, so the work of art purifies significant appearance. It presents abstract themes in their generality, but not reduced to diagrams." 
~ Rudolf Arnheim


On Me:
Head: Baby Face by The Genus Project
Hair: Gwen by Doe @ The Arcade *New*
Metamorphose2077: RARE 1.01 Power Gloves, Bodysuit Clear, & Watcher Mask by Antinatural
Upgrades 1.0 EmoTech Armband, Cuffs Wrist & Choker by Astara for SLS Upgrades 1.0 Box *New*
Existenz Tattoo by This Is Wrong for SLS Upgrades 1.0 Box *New*
Rogue Katanas by The Forge @ The Men's Dept. *New*
Dreaming Photo Set by Persefona @ The Cosmopolitan Room *New*
Pose: Yandere: Stay With Me by Le Poppycock

THX Botanical Pod by Ex Machina for SLS Upgrades 1.0 Box *New*