For The Night is Dark & Full of Terrors

“R'hllor, come to us in our darkness,' she called. 'Lord of Light, we offer you these false gods, these seven who are one, and him the enemy. Take them and cast your light upon us, for the night is dark and full of terrors.”
― Melissandre, George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

A special art piece I did for The Lost Unicorn gallery.  I just love The Red Woman, AKA Melissandre.  The show made me love her even more.  Too bad she had an anti-climactic end on the show.  Luckily we ,hopefully, have the books coming.  Enchantment: The Iron Throne opens today at noon!!  Come check out all the amazing Game of Thrones inspired creations as well as start the hunt!!

Champion of Light & Life


Skin: Emma Genus Applier 'Albina' by Boataom
Head: Strong Face by The Genus Project
Hair: Persefone by Stealthic
Earrings: Flower Earrings 14 (gacha) by Minimal
Dress & Necklace: "FirePriestess" **RED** by Deviousmind
Cloak: Morgana Common Black Cloak by Noble Creations
Pose: The Seven Elements: Fire by LostAngel

Fiery Pit by Unorthodox Underworld @ Enchantment *New*