― Steven Kotler

We Love Roleplay is opening May 4th (MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU!!!) and there are some truly amazing fantasy and role play items for you to grab.  I wanted to do a cyber punk themed photo.  There are so many neat releases with this theme!  Today I am featuring the Cryo-Tank by Hilted which comes with both single and couples poses.  Plus there is also an adult version.  It has amazing gritty textures and the hatch opens and closes.  The outfit is a chain mail dress and bracers by Salt & Pepper and , yes, it is made to fit Maitreya, Hourglass and Freya!  The snakebite piercings are by Drunken Brokkr and are fit for most Catwa heads and Genus Baby Face and Classic.  I really hope you enjoy this photo <3



On Me:
Head: Baby Face by The Genus Project
Hair CP001 Natural by KMH **Coming Soon to Cyberpunk** NEW
Eyes, Skin & Makeup: Emma - Cypher - [V1] - Special Edition by Soul
Nosebleed by Suicidal Unborn
Skera Snakebites by Drunken Brokkr *Coming soon to We Love Role-Play* NEW
Peria Dress & Bracers by Salt & Pepper *Coming soon to We Love Role-Play* NEW
Soldier Leg by Azoury
Gynoid/Android Tattoos Omega Applier by Jeanette's Joint
Mecha Cobra - Metal Silver by Fika **Coming Soon to Cyberpunk** NEW
Pose: Wild Child 19 by Poseidon

The Cryo Chamber by Hilted *Coming soon to We Love Role-Play* NEW

Cracked Glass Mist by Anc

Illuminate Backdrop #7 by Minimal

Expression Bot - Black - STILL by Tea Bunny