“At the beginning of our life, we may feel bare and helpless and gradually adorn ourselves with the most fanciful trappings, trying to be ‘someone else’. After erring and drifting, we eventually realize we want to discover ‘ourselves’, without any airbrushing, so as to meet our real self and not the one imposed on us."
― Erik Pevernagie

At the edge of time you will be sure to find The Keeper of Time drifting.  Dancing along the barrier of the present between past and future.  Do you wish to interrupt her dance?  Or do you choose to move on to the future?  Choose one and you may destroy the flow of time causing devastation.  Choose the other and your mind no longer remains in the present moment but forever stuck in the misery of knowing all future and in turn knowing all past.  But what if you decide to stay and dance with the keeper?  What will become of you?  Will you begin living in the present moment?  It is up to you to choose.  Only one of these choices will lead you home. 



Dark and Light Gacha Tempest Hair by Tableau Vivant
'Kara' Fantasy Skin Appliers (Pink) by Elemental @ The Fantasy Faire - Twilight Spring *New*
Ophelia Tattoo, Septum and Choker by The White Crow @ The Seasons Story *New*
Venus in She Dress by E.V.E The Fantasy Faire - The Shrine Tree *New**
Jezebel Gacha Set: Blindfold, Wristband, Necklace and ArmBand by Eudora3D @ The Fantasy Faire - The Shrine Tree *New*
Butterflies Photo Set by Persefona @ The Cosmopolitan Room *New*
Zodiacal Astrolabe Taurus by Static @ The Fantasy Faire - Bayounimba*New*
Pose: The Raven 2 by Poseidon

:Norvaris: Elven Gateway Full / Plants - Coral Stone by CIRCA Living @ The Fantasy Faire - Twilight Spring *New*

Victorian Dreamscape Cloudsies by Unkindness