All's Quiet . . .

“This habit of getting used to things is the reason that we seem to forget so quickly. The day before yesterday we were still under fire, today we are fooling about, seeing what we can scrounge around here, tomorrow we’ll be back in the trenches. In fact we don’t really forget anything. All the time we are out here the days at the front sink into us like stones the moment they are over, because they are too much for us to think about right away. If we even tried, they would kill us. Because one thing has become clear to me: you can cope with all the horror as long as you simply duck thinking about it – but it will kill you if you try to come to terms with it.” 
― Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

All' Quiet . . .


Group Gift - LV3 Helmet - White Hair by Death Row Designs *New*
Stamina Bodysuit / GG by Cureless
Frida Prosthetic Black Opal by Death Row Designs
Ephese Arm by Azoury
Scars: Bad Dog by The White Crow @ The Men's Dept. *New*
Butterflies by Persefona
Pose (Modified using Animare):  Wild & Free 1 by Foxcity