My Dark

Meet me in the depths of my soul 
Release me from my weird cravings 
Embrace me till i'm out of control 
Bound each other as strange siblings 

I'm your Dear, i'm your doll 
You're my fear when you call 
I'm at your command 'cause you're my Dark 
Go ahead, make me feel the Spark 
~ Nanokill


On Me:
Hair: Nina by Magika
Rococo Outfit: Corset RARE, Garter, Sleeves, Panties & Shrug by Dead Dollz
Scars: Eyed 8 RARE by The White Crow
Murder Blade by The Forge @ Kustom9 *New*
Pose w/ Skeleton: *Necromantic* Mad Hungering by Le Poppycock

Funeral Carriage & Coffin by Death Row Designs @ Eclipse *New*

Expecto Patronum Animals: Cat 02, Rabbit 01, Horse 02, Horse 01, Rabbit 02 by Florix @ World of Magic *New*

Magic Potions and Books by KOPFKINO @ World of Magic *New*