Cupids Arrow

“Cupid's bloody bow is strung with a million hearts, wisdom bought at a terrible price, and love laid to rest on the river of Time.” 
― Laurence Overmire


Hair: Snow Queen RARE by Olive
Love Thief Gacha: Arrow, Bow, Goddess Tiara, Garters, Harpy Legs RARE, Lovers Blood Dose Wings, Lovestruck, The Hunter Outfit RARE by Curemore @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*
Ophelia Chain Forearm, Jewelry Nipples & Chain Panties Gold RARE by Zephyr @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*
Cupid Tattoo by Demonic @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*
Pose: Cupid 1m by Foxcity

Victorian Courtship Gacha: Gazebo, Lovebirds, Ivory Puff, Team Puff & White Puff by Unkindness