A Nice Place to Destroy

I welcome you to your hell
Look around
I hope you like what you see
Have a drink
Have a smoke
It's your home now so feel free
Swallow your panic
What's so tragic
About giving up your soul?
No way out
No way out
There's no way out of this hole
~ Aesthetic Perfection


Head: Baby Face by The Genus Project
Skin: Roxy by Glam Affair
Hair: Wednesday by Doe
Top: Fringe Benefits by 1313 Mockingbird Lane @ We Love Role-Play *New*
Astir Dimple Piercing and Nose Ring by [DB] @ We Love Role-Play  *New*
Burns: Chemicals & Irritated Eyes by Clemmm X The White Crow
Pose w/ Guns: Agnes by Purple Poses

Building Remnants - Destroyed @ Uber *New*
San Mora Set - Biohazard Trash - Pile - B, Creepy Van - Ambulance, The Wall, Pile of Rubble - C, Sedan - Police, City Trash - Pile - A & City Trash - Pile - C