Sent To Destroy

Iron boots, we're walking tall
With pride we'll walk all over you
Steel grip, we'll hold you down
On a leash, we're coming through

Metal teeth, a diamond smile
Mechanical jaws, a two ton bite
With winter frost, an atomic pile
We stand the ground where the big dog's fight


On Me: 
Rainbow Mesh Hair by Wasabi @ The Epiphany *New*
Dirt & Blood: Survivor by The White Crow 
Zhora Project: Gas Mask, Boots, Bodysuit, Utility Belt & Robotical Arms RARE by Psycho:Byts @ The Epiphany *New*
Pose w/ Gun: Post Apox Shotgun Mary by Poseidon

Building Remains - Dirt by Death Row Designs @ Eclipse *New*
San Mora - THE Wall & San Mora - Biohazard Trash - Pile - C by Death Row Designs

Apoxwagon - PG by Krescendo @ Eclipse *New*

Spoiled Rotties 1. Skeleton Adult Companion by Jian

Leaves Floor (orange) by Kalopsia