The Kitchen Witch

Make Peace on Earth, Make Peace Within
At the Sun’s Rebirth, and ‘Round the Wheel Again.

On Me:
Skin: Marlene in Pale by Avenge @ eBento *New*
Head: Baby Face by The Genus Project
Hair Hannah by Sintiklia
Edith Corset Outfit by Momochuu @ Notice Me, Santapai *New*
Little Witch - Hat (Cat on the hat has been derendered for the photo) by Birdy 

Forest Kitchen Gacha: Unit - Light, Oven - Light - RARE, Rack - Light, Jars - Light, Cookies - Light by Birdy @ The Arcade *New*

Santa Magic Set: Christmas Storybook, Hot Chocolate, Milk & Cookies & Stocking by Disorderly @ Notice Me, Santapai *New*

Christmas Nightmare / Ghost Puppy / WHITE by Cureless @ The Epiphany *New*

Warm & Fuzzy - Bear Cat - Polar & Bear Cat - Panda by Half-Deer @ The Arcade *New*