Solstice Evergreen

There's holly and ivy and white mistleberry
the sun is in hiding his face he can't show
so fill up your glasses so we can be merry
while rosy red cheeks by the fire light glow
-Spiral Dance


On Me:
Lisa Bento Head & Skin Tone 1.5 by LAQ @ Uber *New*
Hair: H1116 & Hair Pin by Tram @ Uber *New*
Cute Xmas Dress by Sorumin @ Tannenbam *New*
It's Cold Outside Blush by Okkbye. @ Tannenbaum *New*
Upper body pose comes with the dress

Scandinavian Retreat: Wood and concrete retreat, Snowy Pines, Aurora Borealis & Realistic Snow by Milk Motion @ Uber *New*

Deer Family by Serenity Style

Stone Pathway by PPK