Shiver Me Timbers

Shiver My Timbers, shiver My Soul
Yo Ho He Ho
There are men whos hearts as black as coal

And they sailed there ship across the ocean blue
A Blood thirsty captain and a cut throat crew.
Its a darker tale as was ever told
Of a lust for treasure and a love of gold...

Shiver My Timbers, Shiver my sides
Yo ho he ho
There are hungers as strong as the winds and tides
Yo ho he ho

Shiver my timber, Shiver my sail
Dead men tell no tails!

We Love Roleplay is back!  Come join us for another amazing round of one of the longest running fantasy shopping events in Second Life.  New round opens September 4th.


Falling Hair WIndfall RARE by Tableau Vivant @ The Arcade *New*
Buccaneer Celeste Dress Set by Silvan Moon Designs @ We <3 Role-Play *Coming Soon* NEW
Medusa Tattoo by Endless Pain Tattoos @ We <3 Role-Play *Coming Soon* NEW
Dainty Dragonets Gacha Shoulder Dragon Emerald by Hextraordinary @ The Arcade *New*
Pose w/ Spy Glass: Looky Lou by Poseidon @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*

Turnip Lanterns by Candle & Cauldron @ We <3 Role-Play *Coming Soon* NEW

Fireflies by Lagom