Pulling Me Down

Imagine when your lungs are filling up with liquid.
Intoxicated poison flowin' through your veins
It seems like nothing's changed.

My purple neck is stating all that I'm against but
I guess that's how we end up when we're under water

Mayday! Mayday! This ship's going down.
And as your captain, I'm ready to drown
I'm gonna drown so deep in you
I'm gonna drown so deep in you
~Ghost Town

Pulling Me Down


Skin: Adore Scream Queen (On Genus) by Lumae
Mitsuko Glitter Eyebrows by Psycho:Byts
Outer Space Gacha Set: Tripboob Bodysuit RARE, Nars Hairstyle, Hyper Gloves, Galactic Boots, Asteroids & Octokitties by Moon Amore @ The Arcade *New*
Pose: Tentacle Attack-11 - Common by Foxcity

The unknown planet - land - RARE by Milk Motion