It's the rain that I hear coming
Not a stranger or a ghost
Its the quiet of the storm approaching
That I fear the most
Its the pain that I hear coming
The slightest crystal tear
Drops to the ground in silence
When my love is near
Darling, when did you fall?
When was it over?
Darling, when
When did you fall?
When was it over?


From The Enchantment Event: *NEW*
Hair: Tia by Analog Dog 
Royal Dress by Noble Creations
Bayou Beauty Tiara & Choker Set by Epic
Pose: Prince 4 by Fashiowl
Fireflies Yellow by Lagom
Frog Pond by MoonSha
Frog Moon Gold & Silver (Orbs) by Air
Leaf Ground Cover by 3rd Eye Perceptions