Friends On The Other Side

Shake my hand. Come on, boys, won't you shake a poor sinner's hand?
~Dr. Facilier, The Princess and The Frog

I've got friends on the other side!  Enchantment is coming and this round is one of my all time favorite fairy tales, The Frog Prince!  I love this tale so much and growing up my mom used to read this story to me.  I also enjoyed the Fairy Tale Theater Frog Prince episode back in the late 80s.  Most recently the Frog Prince has been retold by Disney as "The Princess and the Frog".  It was their first animated film is like a decade.  Check it out if you have never seen.  It is sure to delight and tantalize!  Dr. Facilier is the main villain in The Princess and The Frog.  He is a voodoo master who starts the whole story by turning the prince into the frog.  

Enchantment: The Frog Prince opens August 11th at noon!


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