Notice Me Please

How to make Senpai(s) notice you:
1. Bump into them and drop everything.
2. Get a picture of them.
3. Join their after-school club.
4. Write them a love letter.
5. Get friendly with their best friend.
6. Make them a bento box. Or buy him Akibento Box heart logo
7. Talk to their worst enemy.
8. Systematically alienate them from all their friends.


Skin: Genus&Omega // Zahira - No.7 by Flesh *New*
Head: Genus by The Genus Project
Body Blush V2 Faded Peach by Unicult @ Notice Me, Senpai *New*
Sazuko Mesh Hair by Fabia @ Notice Me, Senpai *New*
Trisha Outfit by Addams *New*
X-Ray Backpack by Sweet Thing @ Notice Me, Senpai *New*
Donuts Kebab by ChicChica @ Notice Me, Senpai *New*
Pose: Back Shot 10L by Body Language