For The Revolution Of The World

“Man or woman......It doesn't matter! One of strength......And nobility......Is always a prince.” 

Revolutionary Girl Utena is my favorite anime of all time.  It is simply beautiful.  Its been 20 years and it still holds a place in my heart.  The idea of freeing oneself from oppression and unrealistic ideals, knowing that you can move on and "smash the worlds shell" without them is empowering.  The show is rich with symbolism and subtle hints (until the very end) that can confuse many people. I think this is one reason why I like it.  Each time you watch it you notice something new.  Very few animes really do this well.  Check out the series, manga and movie.  Even if you do not love magical girl anime you might still enjoy this series.


On Both: Rose Duelist Uniform by Cureless @ The Crystal Heart Festival *New*
Pose: Moonie Pose 5 by La Baguette @ The Crystal Heart Festival *New*

On Me (Utena/Pink Hair):
Head: Cherry & Cherry Skin Tone 0.5 by LAQ @ Collabor88 *New*
Seelie and Unseelie Hair RARE by Tableau Vivant

On Anthy (Purple Hair):
Jade Hair by RunAway

DYSTOPIA Chained Roses {Pink/Gold  with Lights} by E.V.E

Domestic Roses / Multi Rose Head / RARE by Disorderly