Too Deep

Too deep
The water glistens
Too deep
Whisper and listen
Too deep
You put me under a trance

Bubbles rise
I breathe the light
Mesmerized by how beautiful we are
Pieces of stars
~Rhea's Obsession


Skin: Chronos +FGInc.+ Transcendence Starborn (Discontinued!) by Fallen Gods Inc.
Koi Koi Mermaid Outfit by IrrISIStible Shop @ Swank *New*
Hair: Storm C Lootbox RARE by Analog Dog Hair
Maori Manaia Necklace by OAL @ The Secret Affair *New*
Pose: Mermaid 03-2 by *CC*

Erstwhile Reef Set: Water Beacon, Reef part 2, Kelp, Sea Grass, & Reef part 3 by The Looking Glass @ The Secret Affair *New*